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YouTube Review

YouTube Premium APK is basically the subscription service that is created by YouTube which is formerly known as YouTube Red. It was first released as Music Key which was a subscription-based music streaming service on November 12, 2014. Later, it was rebranded by YouTube on June 18, 2018.

The latest YouTube Premium application is one of the best entertainment apps that is widely used all over the world because of its exclusively beautiful features. Users have the authority to use it according to his/her own choice. Whatever you wish to watch, it will show you the exact content.

It provides the content categorically which helps users to search easily and get many contents so that they can choose from the related content. It is a streaming service for both videos and audio. As there is a different segment of it, people of different ages can easily watch it.

In addition to that, there is a kid’s segment in YouTube Premium app that consists only of those channels that are appropriate for children so that they cannot face any difficulties watching it. It is completely safe for kids as there isn’t any harmful or negative content streaming on those channels.

YouTube Premium app is full of unique and extra features that will create a smooth and excellent journey of entertainment while you are watching videos or tutorials. You won’t be disturbed by any kind of advertisement which is the biggest advantage of this app.

Moreover, if you don’t have the root option access on your android device still you can use it due to the support of a premium subscription.

Features of YouTube Premium

Ad-free Videos: It has the most enticing feature which is ad-free content. Users can watch videos without any interruption occurred by the advertisements. It also doesn’t show the video overlay ads along with third-party banners ads and search ads.

Watching Offline: Generally, you cannot download all the videos in the base version of YouTube as there are restrictions created by the channels or the creators. But in the premium subscription, you can download each and every video that is in the app and watch those videos while you are offline.

Background Play: Also, it has an exclusive feature that isn’t available in the general version.

There is the option of background play. You can play videos while you are using another app, or your mobile screen is off. Also, you can customize this feature. If you want to off the background play you can turn it off in the YouTube Premium latest version setting.

YouTube Music Premium: YouTube Music Premium is also available in the YouTube Premium app. In this part, you can listen to millions of songs and watch videos without any advertisements. You can have the access to turn on the music-only mode, where you can listen to only songs without loading the video.

Continue Watching: If you want an uninterrupted viewing experience, you can continue watching videos where you have left watching the video.

Customization: You can modify the playback speed in the app. In fact, you can get the listening control option where you can open the large control menu and play, pause, or skip between videos according to your own choice.

Creator: You can create and share videos on your YouTube channel. And before that, you can use KineMaster Premium app to edit videos.

You must pay to obtain the subscription because it is a premium app and subscription based.

However, you can still obtain it if you are unable to pay for the subscription. You must download the YouTube Premium app from this website by simply clicking the download button provided above or below if you want it to be completely free.


Q: Can I block ads by using YouTube premium? 
A: You do not need to block ads. It provides you with ads-free service. 
Q: Can I use YouTube in the background? 
A: Yes It has so many features which are in the paid version. You can use it in background mode. 
Q: What is the cheapest way to get YouTube Premium?
A: You don’t have to pay for this premium version. You can download this app from here for free.


YouTube Premium APK is a monthly subscription service that gives users access to premium features and exclusive content. Some of the main features are Ad-free viewing, the option to download videos to watch later without an internet connection, and access to only available material produced by YouTube's top creators.

Depending on where you are, it is compatible with a variety of devices.




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